To create and implement permanent solutions for people in need of housing stability.

Our Mission

“To create and implement permanent solutions for people in need of housing stability while promoting generational wealth and equity through homeownership.”

Our Causes


End houselessness

Forge community partnerships to implement permanent, affordable housing solutions to end houselessness and cost-burdened housing in Clark County and Southwest Washington.


Create housing stability

Eliminate the stress of houselessness and living paycheck to paycheck by promoting healthy landlord-tenant relations and enabling increased earned income.

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Build generational wealth

Beyond the many benefits of ending houselessness and creating affordable housing in your community, constructing an ADU on your property increases equity and provides rental income opportunities to property owners.

What We Do

Live local,
live affordable

A local non-profit supporting community members secure long-term housing stability through community partnership and creative program development.

The What

Accessory Dwelling Units

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a type of secondary housing unit that can be built on a single-family residential lot, often adjacent to the primary housing unit. These units vary in physical form and can include detached new construction ADUs, garage conversion ADUs, ADUs above a garage or workshop, addition ADUs, basement conversion ADUs, and internal ADUs.

The Why

Why Build an ADU?

ADUs provide flexible dwelling options in urban neighborhoods, utilize existing infrastructure, reduce the demand for expanding infrastructure in far-lying areas of a developed metropolitan area, and consequently have a much smaller environmental impact than building a new single-family home. ADUs also provide more affordable housing options without dramatically changing the character of a neighborhood.

The How

Accessible Resources

Our approach is community-driven, and we work with local partners to ensure that our services and resources are tailored to meet the unique needs of our community members. These resources can help ADU residents thrive, including financial education and assistance, job training and placement, and access to healthcare and other essential services.

The Outcome

Housing Stability

ADUs provide housing stability to residents by offering affordable housing options for low-income households, housing security through long-term rental agreements without qualification barriers, and independence and autonomy with their own self-contained living space.

An ADU also provides stability to homeowners, not only in terms of equity, but by offsetting homeownership costs and mortgage payments, allowing them to maintain livable conditions and avoid foreclosure. Additionally, having an ADU provides flexibility in long-term planning, as homeowners can downsize into the ADU and rent out the primary residence for additional income.

How we can

Help you

ADU Foundation assists those seeking stable housing, homeowners interested in constructing an accessory dwelling unit, and individuals looking to make a positive impact in our community.

Individuals and families in need are provided the opportunity to live in a safe and affordable home, while also being connected with a supportive community who share their commitment to housing stability and building a better future. We partner with local community organizations who can help identify those most in need.

Unlock the full potential of your property by building an accessory dwelling unit with ADU Foundation. Whether you’re looking to earn passive income or provide a stable housing option for a friend or family member, we can help. We guide homeowners through the entire construction process and connect them with custom financing options to make it affordable. Plus, we provide resources for first-time landlords to help manage their ADU long-term. Join us in building a stronger community by partnering with ADU Foundation today.

We rely on the generous support of local contractors and construction suppliers to help us build affordable housing for our community. By donating labor and materials, you can directly impact the cost of constructing an ADU, and keep your workforce busy between jobs. Additionally, by buying in bulk and donating excess materials, you can earn tax benefits while supporting a worthy cause.

Stable, affordable housing and homeownership can have a positive impact on our community by improving workforce development, healthcare access, and reducing crime rates. By supporting the ADU Foundation with your time and donations, you can help us address critical issues in our area and build a stronger community. Your contributions can help furnish a new home with appliances and other essentials, or even sponsor community events that extend our reach and advance our mission. With your help, we can construct affordable housing and provide resources that make a lasting impact on those in need.

Donate Today

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